What is 'Data Model'?

·It is a model that documents and organizes the business data for communication between the team members. Hence, is used as a plan to develop business applications. ·Explicitly determines the structure of data or structured data. ·Applications of data model are: oDatabase models (i.e. how data shall be stored, organized and manipulated in the database system). oInformation’s systems oEnables exchange of data ·Communication and precision (i.e. accuracy) are two benefits which come with data model. ·A data model can be referred to as data structure in context of programming languages and many enterprises do so.

Bitcoin a Digital Currency

What is Digital Currency? A digital currency is electronic money which is exchanged electronically when some transaction takes place. These involve the use of computer networks, internet and digital storage value systems.
What is Bitcoin? It is a peer to peer currency i.e. no central authority issues new money or tracks transaction. The tasks are managed by the network instead. Hence, it eschews central authorities and issuers.
Wallet in Bitcoin>> Wallet in bitcoin shoes the user their available bitcoin balance, transaction history, and the collection of bitcoin addresses they may use to send and receive bitcoins with other users. Therefore, users in bitcoin interact with the help of wallet which may be either stored on their computer by the bitcoin software or hosted on a third-party website.
To know more about bitcoin please refer to: Bitcoin Wiki,

Ways to send money From India to abroad or vice versa....

The article provides you the information about how you can send money to a foreign country or receive it. There are several ways you can do it:
During the 90’s there were very few people who use to travel abroad or use to send their kids to study abroad. As the foreign policies were not much developed during the 90’s and technology was also not developed to that extent that people could make foreign transactions or send or receive money by just sitting at any place around the globe. But, as the time has passed things have changed the other way round. As the start of 21st century people have started making up lot of foreign transactions. They transfer money from one country to another. But, many few people know the best suitable ways by which their money can be securely transferred and can reach with least service charges.
RBI has put on certain guidelines which allow you to transfer or receive only limited amount of money. The RBI guidelines remit only $1 lakh a year for your child educ…