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Team Roles/Group Roles (Belbin) within the project and Four classes of culture

Team Roles/Group Roles within the project

Team workers are the people who ensure the team remains united. They work toward resolving conflict or issues affecting the team’s dynamics. Team workers are very supportive of other team members and are thus popular within the team.

Specialists are those with expert knowledge in a particular area comprise of the specialist role. Their contribution to the team is limited only to their area of expertise. Their priority is in maintaining their professional standards. Though they show great pride in their area of expertise, they show little or no interest in the expertise of others.

Plants are innovative members of the team. They come up with creative ideas that help the team in solving the problem. Plants are introverts in nature and possess poor communication skills. Plants prefer to work alone. They react well to praise but are greatly affected by negative criticism.

Belbin Team Roles
Belbin Team Roles

Four Classes of Culture

Power culture (small companies) – political organization. The central power of culture. Few rules, little bureaucracy.

Role culture – people have clearly delegated authorities, highly defined structure, tall hierarchy, slow decision making.

Task culture – project-oriented teams, power radiates from a few individuals, no single power source. Very focused on achieving the goal, and nothing gets on their way. Suitable for rapidly changing organization.

Person cultures – a group of people who have the same profession, but different specializations. Doctors, all heal people, but each has its own field and they do not involve in other's roles.


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