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Business, functional and non-functional requirement: What is Business Rule?

Business Requirement – The needs, goals, objectives, and outcomes of the business are presented. Majorly it is a “What” approach i.e. What does the sales department need?

It needs a digital Channel such that customers can book tickets online.

Functional Requirement – The Way to achieve the business requirement is described, i.e. how the business requirement can be achieved –

The system should display available seats for movie show,

The system should allow customers to select available seats.

Non-Functional Requirement consists of –

·         Performance: The time it takes for the system to load

·         Security: How secured is the system

·         Reliability: How reliable is the system

·         Usability: How easy it is to use the system

·         Maintainability

·         Portability

Ex: The system should be able to respond within 2 seconds of the user’s input (performance).

Business Requirement

What is Business Rule?

A business rule is a criterion or constraint which must be followed by the system being built. Ex: Customer can book a maximum of 10 tickets at a time.

This business rule adds to a functional requirement, the system should not allow customers to select more than 10 available seats.


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