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EXODUS . GOOGLE....If Moses had a laptop..

These days a new trend is unfolding online, of taking advantage of modern communication Tools and telling the historical tales through them. They are filled with humor and are also immense source of information. The latest which could be watched on you tube of this kind is Google Exodus Video...telling the story that what the exodus from exypt would have looked like if Moses had a laptop, Google maps and Facebook. Here is the Video:

Become Smart to buy your Smartphone.....Pick the handset which is right for you..

When we go to the market these days to buy a new smartphone we get confused about which phone to buy and we finally end up in buying a phone which is not capable enough of fulfilling our expectations and we somehow try to cope up with it. But, if you are smart and have proper information about your needs and the smartphone technologies, you would make the best deals which suffice your needs. The article is all about how you can get the best smartphone based upon your needs. We can divide the user in specific profiles: Profile 1: Internet addict/ Social networking junkie   We all love to surf the web and some of us are social junkie such that we are online 24x7 refreshing our email, Facebook accounts again and again after every few seconds. Many junkies keep on uploading photos or videos on Flickr and YouTube.   So your basic requirements could be: 1.      Screen Type Smartphones normally come with a keypad or touchscreen. In this era of technology we generally prefer our smartpho