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Java....Why we call it Platform Independent or Architectural Neutral??

Java a complete object oriented programming language is said to be platform independent or architectural neutral as a java program do not depend upon the operating system or hardware it is running on. The Platform independent nature can be interpreted by two things: Operating System Independent: Independent of the operating system on which your source code is being run. Hardware Independent: Doesn't depend upon the harware on which your java code is run upon .e. it can run on any hardware configuration. These two points make it a platform independent language. Hence, the user do not have to change the syntax of the program according to the Operating System and do not have to compile the program again and again on different Operating Systems. The meaning of this point can be understood as you read further. Now talking about C,C++ they are a platform dependent language's as the file which compiler of C,C++ forms is a .exe(executable) file which is operating system dependen

IaaS...or ...Cloud Computing

The IaaS an acronym, stands for 'Infrastructure as a service' which we hear very frequently in the tech streets these days. The leading tech companies having good wealth in form of money and infrastructure are trying to provide their customers with the best services possible to increase their revenues. The IaaS in other technical words could be stated as cloud computing. The IT companies are moving these days with a mindset that the data which a user holds could be stored on a network(Cloud) instead of storing it on his personal computer. By storing the data on the cloud the user can excess it remotely from wherever he has a internet access for himself. Therefore, making his storage and accessibility of data easy. The above description gives you a bit of glimpse about the topic to understand it in much detail we need to understand the meaning of the two main words i.e. Cloud + Computing.. Cloud Computing: The cloud here in this context means that the data of the user is sto

Internet Goes Down in Egypt...Due to ongoing protests...

The mobile phone, texting and internet have suffered alot due to ongoing protest on the 30 yr rule of the 82yr old president Hosni Mubarak's. The egypt a middle eastern nation people are under the rule for 30 yrs and now want to elect their own president. The country is filled with riots and hence the internet and other telecommunications services have been disconnected till the situation gets improved. The main reason for disconnecting the services is to avoid the exageration of the riots.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS an acronym which we hear very frequently from people nowadays. SaaS also known as "software on demand" is basically a technology which helps in deploying a software:  over a internet or run it behind a firewall on a local are network or personal computers. Basically, it helps the user in accessing the software over some network and without actually installing it over his own machine. This helps the user to get free from availing a licence for using that software. Hence, helping the user in saving money. Their are various company's in the market which provide these services. The leading names are . The company earn revenue from the user by charging some cost from the user for using the software. The customer therefore has following advantages: Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection No local server installation Pay per use or subscription based payment methods Rapid  scalability System maintenance (backup, updates, security, etc) often included in

Give the print command over the internet to your near by printer.....with help of Google 'CLoud Print'

Google’s Cloud Print is now live, and you can print directly from your Android or iOS device to any printer you might have lying around. Right now, you can see the new feature by going to Gmail and pressing the double-arrowed “More” button. “Print” is now an option in the resulting drop-down menu. Unlike Apple’s AirPrint, which works over the local Wi-Fi network and currently requires an AirPrint-compatible printer, Cloud Print sends your print jobs via the internet. You need to install the Chrome browser onto any computer with a printer, and then enable Cloud Print in the settings. This is tied to your Google account, and there’s even a page for managing your printers and print jobs.

Biography of The Rock 'n' Roll Drummer...John bonham....

John Bonham was born in the Midlands countryside of Worcestershire on 31 May 1948. He got his first snare drum at 10, a present from his mum. He joined his first band, Terry Webb and the Spiders, at the age of 16 in 1964. In 1965, he joined his second band, A Way of Life, and met Pat Phillips at a dance near his home in Kidderminster. At age 17, they were married. The band became inactive and Bonham, with a new wife to support, had either to make a go of drumming financially or quit. He had met a young singer, Robert Plant , a couple of years earlier, and Plant wa currently in a band called Crawling King Snakes, and they needed a drummer. Bonham fitted the bill. Bonham lived quite a way from the rest of the band and transportation costs (i.e. petrol money) stretched the finances of a struggling band to the limit. Within a few months, Bonham had left the band to rejoin the local A Way of Life. He was completely self-taught as a drummer, and despite this fact, or ma

Want to create editable PDF??...Follow>>>>

Want to create an EDITABLE PDF using the FREE Adobe Reader program?  This is the link to Adobe Reader file for instructors so they could create editable and savable assignments for online courses: Watch this video to see how to use it. Or follow these steps: 1. Open the file in Adobe Reader. 2. Click on the text field and paste text from any word processor or text editor into the text field--or just start typing. 3. Click anywhere outside the text field. The file will dynamically generate the pages needed to hold your content. 4. Save a renamed copy. You now have a file that anyone can open in Adobe Reader, add new text to and/or edit the existing text, and save the changes when they are done.

Google Co-Founder Larry Page Gets Ready for CEO of Google..

Wall Street shrugged off news that Google co-founder Larry Page will be assuming the web search giant’s CEO duties from Eric Schmidt, the veteran tech executive who was brought in a decade ago to manage the company. Google shares traded 2.5 percent lower on Friday during a down session for the Nasdaq, but that’s close to the range of a typical Google trading day. Read More>>

How to Convert Microsoft WMA and Rhapsody WMA to iPod

People all around the world have a preference on iPod, and today I found the reasons: In the official company FAQ, Apple says that: iPod is designed to provide the best-quality sound. iPod has a powerful 60 mW amplifier so it can deliver audio as loud as you want. It also has a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, which means you can hear distortion-free music at the lowest or highest pitches. Besides, it can skip the protection. iPod has a memory cache. It is made up of solid-state memory, that means it has no mechanical or moving parts, hence it is not affected by movement of the device. iPod skip protection works by preloading up to 25 minutes of music to the cache at a time. iPod plays music from the memory cache instead of the hard drive, so even rigorous activities won't cause music to skip. You can also remove the "gaps" between songs on the iPod. What formats does iPod support ? '''AAC''' (M4A, M4B, and M4P up to 320 Kbps)

PC VIrus turns 25

Happy anniversary Basit and Amjad! Twenty-five years ago this month (CT: Warning, intrusive interstitial ad), the Alvi brothers of Lahore, Pakistan, gave the world the Brain Virus, the first bit of malware capable of infecting a DOS-based PC. Back in those relatively innocent times, the brothers actually embedded their real names and business address in the code and later told Time magazine they had written the virus to protect their medical software from piracy. Who knows what they were really thinking, but by all accounts the Brain Virus was relatively harmless. Twenty-five years later, most malware is anything but benign and cyber criminals pull off exploits the Alvi brothers never envisioned

Google reCAPTCHA cracked

Despite denials from Google, a security researcher continues to assert that the Search King’s reCAPTCHA system for protecting Web sites from spammers can be successfully exploited by Internet junk mail panderers. Researcher Jonathan Wilkins published a paper recently that included an analysis of reCAPTCHA’s security. In automated attacks he conducted against the system, he reported he had an alarming success rate of 17.5 percent. CAPTCHA–which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart–is a method for foiling automated attacks by spammers on Web sites. Before a Net surfer can perform at a site a task, such as setting up an email account or adding comments to a blog posting, he or she is presented with the image of a word or phrase that has been distressed in some way. The warped image is intended to thwart scanners and optical recognition software programs used to automate the compromising of web sites by spammers. The idea is that humans

Hotmail Users Report Blank Inboxes

The ring of the new year has come with an unpleasant surprise for some users of Microsoft's Hotmail service. According to multiple postings on Microsoft's official support forum for Windows Live, a number of users are reporting that their entire Hotmail accounts have been completely deleted without warning. However, it's not as if Microsoft has—for whatever reason—pulled the plug on the accounts themselves. Users can still log in sans issue. However, they arrive at empty inboxes: No custom folders, no messages in "Sent" or "Deleted," nothing. As one might expect, the abruptness (and unexpectedness) of the purge has left some of Hotmail's long-time users a bit in the dark. Read More>>

Sophisticated New Android Trojan "Geinimi" Spreading in China

According to mobile security firm Lookout, a new sophisticated Trojan has emerged in China that is affecting Android devices. Lookout Mobile, fresh off announcing a $19.5 Million round of funding last week, said that the Trojan, which it is calling “Geinimi,” can compromise a significant amount of personal data on a user’s phone and send it to remote servers. In a blog post detailing the discovery, the company says the mobile malware is The most sophisticated Android malware we’ve seen to date, Geinimi is also the first Android malware in the wild that displays botnet-like capabilities. Once the malware is installed on a user’s phone, it has the potential to receive commands from a remote server that allow the owner of that server to control the phone. What makes the Trojan different than most “standard” mobile malware is that Geinimi is being “grafted” onto repackaged versions of legitimate applications, primarily games, and distributed in third-party Chinese Android app markets. Look