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Zynga FarmVille makes it goes past EA....

Zynga, the creators of the popular hit FaceBook game FarmVille should be happy today as the company’s worth has passed that of EA (Electronic Arts). BusinessWeek reports that the net worth of the privately hed company Zynga is worth 5.51 Billion versus the video game giant EA’s worth of 5.22 Billion.
Zynga was founded in July 2007 by Mark Pincus, Michael Luxton, Eric Schiermeyer, Justin Waldron, Andrew Trader, and Steve Schoettle with a starting venture capital of $29 million. Zynga also employs around 1300 employess to date. In Zynga’s network of games there is a total of approximately 220 million players which contribute to the companies continued growth.
Zynga creates their income from in-game payments for items across most of their games and partnerships with businesses. We will have to see how much further the company can grow in the next couple of years, so far it has been astonishing.

MySpace Tries to Recapture the social-networking magic...

MySpace has unveiled an overhauled website and logo as it attempts to recapture the magic that led it to top the social-networking sphere. According to the report 'MySpace is positioning itself for the so-called Gen Y crowd, or those roughly between 10 and 30 years old.' A beta version of the new website will start rolling out Wednesday and is slated to be accessible to users globally by the end of November. Plans are for the site to focus on entertainment with the home page constantly updating items about music, movies and television shows that are most discussed on the site at any one time.

Oracle sue Google as it says Google Copied their Java Code...

On Wednesday, Oracle amended the lawsuit it filed against Google in August, saying that 'approximately one third of Android's Application Programmer Interface (API) packages' are 'derivative of Oracle's copyrighted Java API packages' and related documents. In particular, 'the infringed elements of Oracle America's copyrighted work include Java method and class names, definitions, organization, and parameters; the structure, organization and content of Java class libraries; and the content and organization of Java's documentation,' Oracle says. 'In at least several instances, Android computer program code also was directly copied from copyrighted Oracle America code,' Oracle alleges.

"Fabric " An All new Programming Language to weave security into Code...

Until now, computer security has been reactive. 'Our defenses improve only after they have been successfully penetrated,' says security expert Fred Schneider. But now Dr. Dobb's reports that researchers at Cornell are developing a programming platform called 'Fabric,' an extension to the Java language that builds security into a program as it is written. Fabric is designed to create secure systems for distributed computing, where many interconnected nodes — not all of them necessarily trustworthy — are involved, as in systems that move money around or maintain medical records. Everything in Fabric is an 'object' labeled with a set of policies on how and by whom data can be accessed and what operations can be performed on it. Even blocks of program code have built-in policies about when and where they can be run. The compiler enforces the security policies and will not allow the programmer to write insecure code (PDF). The initial release of Fabric is now av…

Oct. 27, 1994: Web Gives Birth to Banner Ads

1994:, then known as HotWired, invents the web banner ad. Go ahead, blame us.
The Mosaic browser was just morphing into Netscape in 1994. And if you think ads slow down page loads now, readers had to download the first banner ads over thin dial-up connections.
Despite those handicaps, the gaudy banner ad took over the web, 468 pixels wide by 60 deep. HotWired launched with banner ads from 14 companies including MCI, Volvo, Club Med, 1-800-Collect and Zima, but legend has it that the first HotWired banner ad was from AT&T, prophetically asking “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will.”

Is it the End for LimeWire?


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Windows 8 To Be Released In October 2012?

Microsoft has been very secretive about the next version of its Windowsoperating system. After the success of Windows 7, everyone is very interested in the next iteration – Windows 8. A few leaks have been the only source of news about Windows 8 till now. A couple of months back we had told you about next generation Windows 8 Prototype computersfrom Microsoft.

However, a slip up from Microsoft Netherlands have put the release date in October 2010. Microsoft Netherlands published an article to mark the one year anniversary of the Windows 7launch. The article deals with, well, Windows 7. However, in the last paragraph, this was mentioned: "Furthermore, Microsoft is of course the next version of Windows. But it will take about two years before “Windows 8 ‘on the market."

Tidal Wave of Java Flaw Exploitation....MS Goes Crashing...

Microsoft warned today that it is witnessing a huge spike in the exploitation of Java vulnerabilities on the Windows platform, and that attacks on Java security holes now far outpace the exploitation of Adobe PDF bugs. The Microsoft announcement cites research by blogger Brian Krebs, who has been warning for several months that Java vulnerabilities are showing up as the top moneymakers for those peddling commercial crimeware exploitation kits, such as Eleonore, Crimepack and SEO Sploit Pack." Several days ago, Oracle released a patch that fixed 29 Java security flaws


St. Vincent Euphrasia School in Canada Bans Wi-Fi....

St. Vincent Euphrasia elementary school in Meaford, Ont. is the latest Canadian school to decide to save its students from the harmful effects of Wi-Fi by banning it. Schools from universities on down have a history of banning Wi-Fi in Ontario. As usual, health officials and know-it-all scientists have called the move ridiculous. Health Canada has released a statement saying, "Wi-Fi is the second most prevalent form of wireless technology next to cell phones. It is widely used across Canada in schools, offices, coffee shops, personal dwellings, as well as countless other locations. Health Canada continues to reassure Canadians that the radiofrequency energy emitted from Wi-Fi equipment is extremely low and is not associated with any health problems.

Post Status on your Facebook account via text message from your mobile...

For all Facebook addicts .....To Activate follow these simple steps....

1. Open your Facebook account and go to account setting present in the Account drop down Box on the right.
Now, Click on the mobile tag under account setting.

2. After this Click register for Facebook Text Messages and choose your mobile carrier.
Then after this you will be asked to message F on the Facebook number 9232232665.
After messaging you will receive a confirmation Code on your mobile phone than after clicking next on your Facebook page you will be asked to enter the sent confirmation code.

3. After Entering the confirmation code your Facebook mobile will be activated now, you can do the settings the way you want. To start posting status on your wall you can message Text you want to post on 9232232665.

4. Now in future if you want to close the service through your mobile you can just type 'stop' and sent it to 9232232665.

5. By the help of Facebook mobile feature we can directly upload photos from …

Adobe Reader X With Sandbox Due In November

Adobe will finally release the new version of its Reader software — which will include the much-anticipated Protected Mode security feature — next month. Adobe Reader X will include a number of other new features in addition to the sandbox feature. Adobe officials have been discussing Protected Mode for several months now and said early on that it would be included in the next version of Reader, but had never set a time line for the release of Reader X. Now, the company says the new version will be available in November, although no specific date was announced.

ICANN Aprooves .IRAN

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced its approval of non-Latin string evaluation of 'Iran.' This approval will allow the availability of Iran's top-level domain in its own native language, Persian, also known as Farsi (that is, the domain name .IRAN, in non-Latin characters). According to ICANN, there are currently 33 requests for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs), representing 22 languages, out of which 18 countries/territories have so far been approved.

AOL spends $1M on Solid State memory SAN......

AOL recently completed the roll out of a 50TBSANmade entirely of NAND flash in order to address performance issues with its relational database. While the flash memory fixed the problem, it didn't come cheap, at about four times the cost of a typical Fibre Channel disk array with the same capacity, and it performs at about 250,000 IOPS. One reason the flash SAN is so fast is that it doesn't use a SAS or PCIe backbone, but instead has a proprietary interface that offers up 5 to 6Gb/s throughput. AOL's senior operations architect said the SAN cost about $20 per gigabyte of capacity, or about $1 million. But, as he puts it, 'It's very easy to fall in love with this stuff once you're on it.'

Run Android on Your x86 Operating System Ex: Run on Windows 7 32bit....

As there are so manynew phones coming out in market every single day, Most of us are confused with which phone to bid for. LiveAndroid gives you a chance to try out Android OS even before buying any Android based phone. LiveAndroid, a LiveCD for Android running on x86 platforms.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to run Android OS on your PC.
Download an InstallSun xVM VirtualBox.Download LiveAndroid.iso image file and burn it on disc.Run VirtualBox and click on new on the top left bar
Name the OS android and select OS type/version as unknown/other and click on ‘Next’.
Assign memory. Usually even 64MB is fine but i just allocated 128MB just in case. And then neglect the next few steps and keep on clicking ‘Next’.
Once its done, you will see a new virtual machine “Android” been created inside your virtualbox. Highlight it and click on settings. Go to CD/DVD ROM and mount your LiveAndroid cd location. Click OK.
  Installation has completed now you can have some fun working with android…

Microsoft and Facebook Team Up to screw Google

In a move that can be a biggest threat to Google's search standing yet,Microsoft and Facebook announced that they're teaming up for social search. When someone uses Bing's search engine to look for a new car or a book, he/she can see which ones her friends liked. While industry watchers say this is an interesting move for search, what's most notable is that Facebook turned to Microsoft for this deal and not to the market leader, Google. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says there is a specific reason he wants to go with Bing: 'They really are the underdog here. They're incentivized to go out and innovate. They have all these smart people and are trying to do all these new things.' The real importance of this week's announcement is that it highlights the growing strategic conflict between Facebook and Google, says analyst Ray Valdes. 'There is a battle for the future of the Web, and it is not about search engines, but about the social Web.

Indian Military Organization looking forward to cyber security concerns will develop its own OS

Several newspapers have reported that DRDO (the defense R&D organization of the Indian military) is planningto createan OS. The need for this arose due to the cyber security concerns facing India and that all [conventional] operating systems are made outside India. About 50 professionals in Bangalore and New Delhi are expected to start work on this operating system."

Microsoft Promisses to launch its Microsoft Tablet this christmas...

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told an audience at the London School of Economics, that there will be tablets running Microsoft's Windows operating system available by Christmas. "We as a company will need to cover all form factors," he told an audience of students and press. "You'll see slates with Windows on them – you'll see them this Christmas." Mind you, if he's talking about the rumoured HP Windows 7 slate, he may not be so pleased when it appears. A recent YouTube video showed a supposed prototype which has been described as a 'trainwreck in the making.'

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THe Encryption pioneers who were written out of histroy, to secure the British Government...

In the early 1970s, three men working for the British Government developed an encryption system that – almost 40 years later – underpins every transaction on the internet. There was only one problem: they couldn’t tell anyone about it.
Between them James Ellis, Clifford Cocks and Malcolm Williamson invented Public Key Cryptography, a system that permits secure communications and electronic transactions without the prior exchange of a secret key. Their work was used to secure Government communications – and naturally their bosses at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) wanted to keep their discovery top secret.
Thus, the trio were practically written out of history when in 1976, Martin Hellman, Ralph Merkle and Whitfield Diffie from Stanford University began publishing similar theories in the US.
A year later, Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed the Stanford team’s theory even further and the R…

Google will Shut Down 411 Service on 12th November

After three years of providing free directory assistance in exchange for voice samples, Google has announced plans to shut down the GOOG-411 service, in order to focus on 'speech-enabling the next generation of Google products and services across a multitude of languages.' The service will close on November 12th.

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US Says Plane Finder an iphone application is a threat to security....

The Plane Finder AR application, developed by a British firm for the Apple iPhone and Google's Android, allows users to point their phone at the sky and see the position, height and speed of nearby aircraft. It also shows the airline, flight number, departure point, destination and even the likely course-the features which could be used to target an aircraft with a surface-to-air missile, or to direct another plane on to a collision course, the 'Daily Mail' reported. The program, sold for just 1.79 pounds in the online Apple store, has now been labelled an 'aid to terrorists' by security experts and the US Department of Homeland Security is also examining how to protect airliners.
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So Slow original composition By System Tools

Members:  William Walton - Vocals, Guitars
Abhishek Sohal - Guitars
Rishoo Mittal (Rob) - Drums
Anshul Bhatia - Bass

Biogrphies of minds who made there own path in field of Technology

Linus Torvalds: The chief architect of the Linux kernel, and now acts as the project's coordinator of OSDL (Open Source Development Labs).

Steven Paul Jobs : The co-founder, two-time CEO, and chairman of Apple Inc.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin :The Co-founder of GOOGLE.